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Looking to get a professional for getting your carpet cleaned? Do not look further. You have arrived at the right place! STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud will make your carpet look brand-new again. But even more importantly, your carpets will be healthy again.

We pride ourselves on delivering great customer service for an affordable price for anyone! We deliver high-quality carpet cleaning services for homeowners and businesses in St Cloud, MN and surrounding towns.

Our task is to always get your carpet look and feel great after we have finished our job. STM has gained a lot of experience over the years. We have over 20 years experience in the carpet cleaning industry.

Our carpet cleaning technician working on a carpet floor in a living room in Cooper Connect, St Cloud.
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We accept all kinds of work related to carpet cleaning that you want us to do. From small, medium, to large or anything in between.  Working with us will be an easy ride. We have the best carpet cleaning contractors in town.

Our carpet cleaners are experts in their field that deliver top-notch cleaning services on time and within your budget. STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud, MN are here to improve the quality and value of your carpets in your house or company. You can rely on true quality workmanship that only STM are able to deliver.

Over the years we have built up a great reputation. Our customers truly value our service because they trust us to deliver quality work each time. You can expect the best professional services from the top carpet cleaning business in St Cloud, MN.

We offer all carpet cleaning services:

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Residential Carpet Cleaning: We offer our customers carpet cleaning treatments that are custom, whether it is a residential home that you own or that you rent out, each situation is different. We love helping people cleanign their carpets in their homes. Try our service today and see for yourself why our residential carpet cleaning is the best in town.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Even though we are a local family carpet cleaning company serving the St Cloud, MN area. We have provided commercial carpet cleaning from the beginning to businesses around town. Looking to get your office space or meeting rooms to get cleaned? We also help clean carpets in restaurants and bars. Just reach out to STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud.

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning: The best carpet cleaning business for your upholstery and furniture is here in the St Cloud, MN area at STM. We have expert carpet cleaners that are able to deep clean any sort of furniture or upholstery. No matter if you have an older type of couch to a modern sofa. We are able to handle all types of furniture from traditional to contemporary.

Area Rug Clean: The team at STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud in Minnesota are the best in the industry. If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning business in town, do not look further. Our carpet cleaning professionals deliver premier standards of excellence for area rug cleaning. The entire team are highly trained members that have extensive knowledge and experience in carpet cleaning.

Pet Odors and Stain Removal: We understand that your pets are beloved animals in your home. This is why we always use the best eco-friendly pet odor and stain removal products. Even if you do not have any pets in your home. We use these products to get rid of any stains. Our stain removal service is top-notch that are able to get rid of any spots that you need removed. Any type of room is possible for us to handle. The living room, lobby room, meeting rooms in your office building. STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud deliver great services that will make any area in your home or business look great again!

Move In and Out Carpet Cleaning: If you need your apartment cleaned for your landowner, because you are moving out, we got you covered. So you can get your full security deposit back too!. Or Maybe you are the land or building owner that is looking to get the carpets looking brand-new again? STM has your back as well! We have helped countless houses, apartments, and condo’s over the time. When you need it to have it guaranteed clean,  that is where we come in. Whichever person you are, we dedicate ourselves to give great move in/out carpet cleaning services to get our customers satisfied anytime!

Water Damage Restoration: Our carpet cleaning company works endlessly to make great customer relationships in our town are surround cities. Even if you need special services like water damage restoration, we are here for you. If you have any questions or advise that you need, just reach out to us and give us a call. We would love to help you and help get any furniture, upholstery, or carpets restored from water damage. Your confidence and trust in us is very important to us. This is why we are only satisfied when you are happy after we have completed our job

Our carpet cleaning services are available for any type of carpet and upholstery you may have. We offer services that will meet your needs.

Need quick, proper, responsible professional service? Choose us as your go-to carpet cleaning company. We are your local carpet cleaning near you.

When you pick STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud, you are assured of working with the best carpet cleaning professionals in St Cloud, MN. Need a clean, spotless looking carpet that is healthy again for your place? Then you are at the right place here. 

A hot water extraction on the carpet in BBC Park, St Cloud by our professional carpet cleaner.

Accuracy in cleaning and attetion to details is what our customers like about us. We have delivered great high-quality carpet cleaning services to St Cloud residents over 20 years. Our STM carpet cleaners have become the number one choice in St Cloud, MN and surrounding areas over many years.

Our carpet cleaning services consists of many different disciplines in the industry. When it comes to anything regarding carpet, rugs, and upholstery. At STM you will get the cleanest results possible!

Meeting the needs and expectation of our customers is what drives us each day! It satisfies us when we have clean your dirty carpets. Because each time the difference afterwards are like night and day. We also offer customized cleaning services in your specific situation. Our customers love our individualized customer service. We offer great carpet cleaning St Cloud MN service for anyone in our town and area. Because we take in account your lifestyle and budget!

We understand when you are looking for a carpet cleaning business in St Cloud, that you want the best that delivers topnotch services at affordable prices. STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud is the number one choice in town! You will get carpet cleaning together with the best environmentally-friendly cleaning products in the industry.

Our employees truly enjoy their craft and that is what makes us the best carpet cleaners. Going an extra mile for our customers is what people love about us. Our clients feel greatful and at home when we serve them. Whether your carpet in your home needs cleaning, or you are a business that needs their furniture in meeting rooms sanitized, we do it all!.

Competitive prices and great customer service has made us the leading carpet cleaning business in the St Cloud area. None of our competitors are as dedicated to provide customer satisfaction like we do. This is why we provide carpet cleaning service to anyone so good, so that you will give us a referral to your friends and family.

Our business has carpet cleaners that take the time to know our customers. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we love to get to know you. Because we understand that is what makes our service outstanding from our peers. We want you to enjoy after we have finished our job knowing that you had received the very best service.

After we have finished your project we guarantee that you will be satisfied to the fullest. Your family in your home or your employees in your company will be happy afterwards! Let’s get you residential or commercial carpet cleaning services from the best in town. Give your carpet a new look with the best carpet cleaning company in town performed by experienced and skilled staff. Choose STM Carpet Cleaning Waldorf in MN.

Which areas do you serve?

We serve towns and areas around Five Points, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, St Joseph, Pleasant Lake, Jacobs Prairie, Rockville, St Augusta, Cold Spring, Jacobs Prairie, Rice, St Stephen, Foley, Becker, Cold Spring, Richmond, and of course St Cloud. If your area or town is not mentioned, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to check for you if we can serve in your area if you are nearby. You can also find us here online on the different online platforms to contact us.

Why You Should Choose Us

We understand like no other that your reputation makes your business thriving. This is why we value our reputation of our carpet cleaning service.

We want people to know that when they choose our service, that their carpet will be taken care of in the right away! Each project that we do, we deliver great quality work, because we want you to stay our customer.

Troop Dr, Sartell

Experts and Experienced Cleaners In Our Team
Over the years we have cleaned so many carpets and furniture and everything in between. Needless to say, our team has a lot of experience when it comes to cleaning carpets. We also enjoy staying up to date with the latest developments in the carpet cleaning industry when it comes to carpet cleaning techniques and technology.

We handle all types or different flooring types, we not only do carpets on floors. We also do hardwood floors and all other floors. Anything that you want us to handle for your floors, we do it.

Free Consultation or Evaluation
Call us today for a free consultation or advice for your carpet cleaning. When you reach out to STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud, we want to know  what you need. So that we can deliver you the free initial consultation so we can better understand your carpet cleaning needs.

We´ll talk and go over together which issues you experience and what we can do about it. The best possible solution will be given to your situation each time. And no worries, we offer a no obligation free consultation when you call or mail us. No hidden fees or any bait and switch charges!

Prompt Service
STM Carpet Cleaning is a local family owned business in the St Cloud, MN neighborhood. We are able to deliver on time services each time. Whenever you are thinking “Who are the best carpet cleaners near me?” You will know that a lot of people will recommend us.

Because we deliver swift professional carpet cleaning for an affordable price.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your customer satisfaction is our number one priority. STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud values your business, whether small or big. Because earlier we mentioned our reputation is important to us. That goes together with giving you a great satisfaction after we finish each project.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Whenever you are not happy, we will continue to finish the job until you are satisfied!

7 Reasons why you need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Whenever you have visitors in your home or business, the first thing they will walk onto is your carpet. Even without any exchange of words happened, people will make a judgement of your room in an instant. Your carpet in your room is a reflection of how you feel about your room in your business or home. Which impression do you want your carpet to give your visitors?

Below are 7 reasons we believe why everyone needs their carpet professionaly cleaned.

#1: Enhance Your Environment
When you walk into a room of someone’s home or office that is clean and refreshing, it can give you a great feeling. If you let your carpet professionally cleaned, you will notice the difference immediatly in that area. 

The professional carpet cleaners at STM have been trained and certified for carpet cleaning. So you will be rest assured that your carpet stains will get removed easily!

When the stains are removed from your capets, your carpet will have a longer lifetime while looking vibrant and fresh again.

A woman in Monroe, St Cloud laying on her cleaned carpet after she got her professional carpet cleaning service done by STM.

#2: Get Improved Air Quality
If you leave a carpet over time without any maintenance, they will become a dust, dirt, allergens and bacteria magnet! Think of all the people that walk over your carpet with their shoes. The dirt on these shoes will be carried over to your carpets.

If there is no maintenance done on these carpets, then the pollutants will starting building up and become very unhealthy for your home. We always recommend letting your carpet professionally cleaned. At least once a year, will make sure to improve and keep the air quality in your home.

#3: Remove The Toughest Odors
We now know that your carpet is a magnet for all kinds of dirt and bacteria. However, they are also known for capturing odors that are difficult to get rid of. If you are a pet owner, then I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

When your beloved pet has an accident at your place, then the smell of it can be captured very easily, leaving you with a discomforting odor in your room. These odors get trapped withing the fibers of the carpet and that is what makes it difficult to get rid of.

This is why it is often recommended letting this get taken care of by a carpet cleaning expert. Hire a professional to clean these jobs for you. Carpet cleaning companies have a patented formula to remove these toughest odors from your carpet. Pet odors will be no longer a problem in your room when you let your carpet professionally cleaned.

#4: Extend Lifetime Of Your Carpet
A great way to maintain your carpet is by vacuuming them on a regular basis. We always recommend our customers to keep regular weekly vacuum maintenance, after we have finished the job. This will not only make it in the future for us easier to do any carpet cleaning service, which your wallet will appreciate as well! But it also will extend the lifetime of the carpet.

We understand that vacuuming is not enough, that is when we come in to do the heavy work for you. We will remove not only the dirt on the surface for you, but all dirt particles that are left in your carpet. These would otherwise start eating away at your carpet fibers, let STM remove these for you.

By simply having us let your carpet cleaned once a year, will make sure that further deterioration of your carpet fibers will be prevented.

#5: Keep The Warranty On Your Carpet
Another reason why we recommend letting professionals take care of your carpet cleaning is, that many manufacturers of your carpet require you to let it cleaned professionally to maintain the warranty.

Another thing to keep in mind is to read over your warranty of your carpet, so that you will know exactly that it means. Otherwise, there is a chance that you risk getting your warranty becoming void.

#6: Dust Mite Infestation Prevention
There’s a reasonable big chance that any home that has a carpet, has experienced some kind of dust mite infestation. Yet, a lot of homeowners are not even aware of it. That’s because dust mites are microscopic in terms of size. It is therefore impossible to see them with the naked eye.

While you are unaware of them because they are not visible, in the meanwhile they can wreak havoc to your carpet. Because the dust mites nest in the fibers of your carpet. These fibers are taking a beating by these dust mites over time. Another thing to realize is that dust mites leave a lot of waste products in your carpet.

These waste products are the main causes why people can get allergic reactions in a home where there are carpets for example. Even if you vacuum every day, it is useless to remove dust mites. A regular vacuum is not strong enough to remove these.

Professional carpet cleaning with professional equipment are more than strong enough to remove these dust mites. We are able to get a deep clean with our tools. This is the reason why deep cleaning is important.

The high temperatures of water combined together with strong suction capacity of our professional cleaning machines, will remove these dust mites definitely. They will not stand a chance!

#7: Mold Growth Prevention
Mold growth should not be taken lightly. Not are they only unattractive, but even more importantly is that it is harmful. Your children, pets, and family, or your employees can get harmed.

The thing is also that mold is easy to start growing. Because there is only a little moisture needed to let mold grow in your carpet. When the moisture stays long enough, then it is easy for mold growth to start. People with a respiratory condition, for example asthma, are easily harmed by these molds. Mold spores can harm asthma patients because these spores aggravate their health leading to an asthma attack.

This is another reason to get professional carpet cleaning, because we will remove any moisture in your carpet and therefore prevent mold growing in your carpet. Your home or business will become a much more healthier place to breathe!

How to Extend The Life of Your Carpet

We have explained above why you need to let your carpet professionally cleaned at least one time per year. But we recommend you to do a certain couple of things you can do yourself to extend the life of any carpet. These four tips below will help you get your carpet look clean and feeling new for a lot of years to come.

#1: Vacuum Once A Week
The best tip we can give you to extend your the life time of your carpet is vacuuming! Depending on the amount of people in your home, you need to vacuum at least once a week if you are live alone. But if you own a pet, or live with a family, then you need to vacuum at least two times per week.

The main reasons why you want to do vacuuming regularly is to prevent wear and tear on the carpet. Another important reason is to remove allergens, dirt and grit for a healthier environment.

#2: Rearranging Furniture
Changing the furniture arrangement not only gives you a different look and feel of your room, but in doing so, you will rearrange your foot traffic as well. When people are walking over different parts of your carpet, that will relieve the degradation of your carpet on these same spots.

Your carpet will be able to go a lot more longer in lifetime as the weardown of a certain traffic area is moved to another area of your carpet. Your carpet will thank you for it and will look brighter and newer for a much more longer time.

A stain on a carpet in a home at 16th Ave N, St Cloud ready to get cleaned by our professionals.

#3: Make Sure To Clean Up Spill Immediately
When you somehow get a spill on your, you should make it a priority to clean this spill up as fast as possible. Because if you leave it on, then you are giving the spill a chance to settle into the fibers. And that is what is makes it difficult to remove these stains and potential odors from these spills.

What do you need to do when the spill happens though? Well, you should grag a clean cloth and blot the spilled area with water immediately. We recommend not to use any cleaners that you can buy from a store. A lot of these products will change the color of your carpet or rug. They also will leave your carpet fibers soapy afterwards.

If your carpet fibers become soapy, then it will be very difficult to remove the stain completely. You need to get a professional carpet cleaning service with the professional cleaning equipment.

Another thing is to never scrub your carpet. This will only make your dirt go deeper into the carpet fibers. What you really have to do is blot the stain as soon as possible and the carpet will be fine.

#4: Take Shoes Off
It is a lot less strenuous for your carpet if you make it a habit to not wear shoes inside the rooms. Because your carpet has to deal with a lot less dirt! Whenever someone arrives at your home, make sure to always remove shoes before entering a room. This prevents dust and dirt being brought into your living area. Your carpets will thank you for that and they will stay cleaner and therefore last a lot longer!

How much does it cost to have a carpet cleaned?

What often happens is that vacuuming or valeting your carpet will not be thorough enough to really clean out your carpet. Unfortunately, not everybody is equipped with their own carpet cleaning machine. 

Therefor you will have to get in contact with a professional carpet cleaning company that is able to thoroughly clean your carpet for you. Luckily, the regular prices of carpet cleaning aren’t too expensive. 

Each and every carpet cleaning companies you will contact will provide a quote based on the room type, size, color and condition of your upholstery and carpets.

A before and after of dining stools cleaned in Pantown Nortwest area in St Cloud.

Even though it will not cost much for carpets and upholstery to get cleaned professionally, it’s always good to have some sort of reference. Carpet Cleaning Prices can range between 25 – 60 dollars per room. Looking at the quality of carpet cleaning that STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud MN delivers to all of their customers, the cost of carpet cleaning can actually be considered to be minimal as you will be getting the best bang for a buck.

Take advantage of our affordable carpet cleaning services and start enjoying your brand-new looking and smelling carpet, making your home healthier for your family to enjoy. Our company is known locally and trusted. STM is known for it’s best carpet cleaning services in St Cloud and the surrounding areas.

Give our team a ring to schedule an appointment with one of our STM carpet cleaning experts.

Professional area rug cleaning service of a before and after situation in Lake George St Cloud.

Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

This is actually a question that we hear quite often from first time customers that are giving us a call. One of the great benefits of getting your carpets professionally cleaned, is that your carpets will look and smell. As if you purchased them brand-new years and years ago, without having the costs and work to replace them.

The math is quite simple; replacing your carpet can cost anywhere between $1000 – $5000 or perhaps even more, depending on the room size and type of carpet that you wish to replace.

Compare those costs to the costs of getting your carpet professionally cleaned from STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud and you will be surprised what we do! Call us today and find out what other cleaning services we can provide.

Another question that we often receive is; is carpet cleaning worth the cost? Well, to be honest, carpet cleaning itself can provide a huge value to your home and / or business. Getting your carpets cleaned on a regular basis will assist your carpet to last for a longer period of time, which results in saving you money on future carpet replacements.

Proper carpet cleaning will also reduce the amount of dust in your carpet as well as in your home. This will help reduce allergies and will also minimize spreading diseases as well as bacteria. A cleaner home is a healthier home, which is what everybody wants for their beloved family.

What are the benefits of carpet cleaning?

As mentioned previously, regular carpet and upholstery cleaning will keep them looking and smelling fresh while also extending their life span for a longer period.

Be rest assured that STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud stands for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, every single time.

We have taken the liberty to write down the benefits of our professional carpet cleaning services are below:

Professional carpet cleaning service done for a home in Fairway Lane St Cloud MN.

– prolong the carpet lifetime and upholstery for a longer period
– it will contribute to a healthier work and/or home environment
– it results in complete removal of dirt and bacteria both commercial and residential, preventing allergies
– will eliminate carpet stains
– it removes nasty odors and smells
– it will reduce the traffic lane effects on your carpets
– another benefit is that it will enhance the overall appearance of your home or workplace.

Would you like to know more what we can do for you? Call for our carpet cleaning services Today! Feel free to contact us, because STM is your trusted local carpet cleaning company near you!

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