Tile & Grout Cleaning St Cloud, MN

Don’t let our company name fool you. Even though our name states STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud, we have in-house multiple cleaning solutions. All catered to our customer’s specific needs. A service that cannot be left out is our professional Tile & Grout Cleaning service.

Like any of our other cleaning services we have become a solid name in the game when it comes to professional tile & grout cleaning. When it comes to cleaning tiles & grout many companies tend complicate things, while in fact, you need to keep things as simple as possible.

Tile and grout comparison of before and after results for a large bathroom in Crescent Ridge Trail, St Cloud MN.

Don’t be fooled though. The process might look simple, but you will need to be an expert to get this done correctly. Leave it to STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud to bring your tiles and grout back to life.

Our reputation of being the best local tile and grout cleaner in St Cloud has been build over the years. Time and time again we are able to deliver te best surface cleaning to all of our customers. Our combination of personal cleaners, the best cleaning solutions and certified equipment lets us successfully complete every job we take on.

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Our years of experience has thought us to be patient and persistent, to handle with care, to be professional and have fun with the services we provide to our clients. Once you speak to us you will find out that we will go above and beyond, making sure that you are happy with our cleaning services.

Your home is our home, and we only want the best for our home! Call us today on 320-228-4420 to schedule in your appointment with St Clouds finest!

Why Choose Our Top Notch Cleaning Service?

When it comes to our tile and grout cleaning services, you will be surprised on the outcome of your flooring once we are done with it. So how do we actually clean your tile and grout? Let’s find out.

Our first step in getting your tile and grout cleaned will be to apply a ph-neutral cleaner. This particular cleaner is non-toxic, and we don’t want to risk the health of your family and their surroundings.

Once this cleaner has been applied, we will proceed with a deep clean with our grout scrubber. This piece of equipment consists of a scrubber that rotates at a very high speed to remove all of the dirt. Once removed you will have a floor which is looking and smelling as if it was brand new.

STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud values personal contact with our customers which is why our service includes an in-home consultation where we will discuss your needs, the possibilities, our services and our competitive prices.

We only want to provide the best services for our customers whilst keeping your family and pets safe at all costs. Therefor our team only uses products that are eco-friendly, keeping everybody safe with every job that we take on.

We will not leave or consider a job done until our customer is 100% satisfied with our cleaning services.
We want to build a relationship with our customers, not just perform a one-time service which is why we take pride in offering the best customer service in St Cloud.

Looking to get your tile and grout cleaned in St Cloud, MN? Give us a call on 320-228-4420 today. Our team is eager to be working with you. STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud, MN at your service!