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Area rugs can come in different types of materials, specially designed to suit your specific needs. Hardwood flooring, tile and grout or any other type of material all have their specific benefits.

Area rugs generally can be used to assist in keeping your carpeting clean in areas most used such as in the corridor or in your living or dining room. These are the types of areas where foot traffic is most common, which means that you are more likely to stain those areas.

A residential area rug in Seberger Park cleaned for comparison.

Adding a rug to these specific areas can also help to trap more dust and bacteria, improving the air quality of your home and keeping your flooring clean.

STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud provides the best rug cleaning services locally and in the surrounding areas. Get a free quote today by calling or contacting us through our contact form.

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What are the benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning?

There are multiple benefits that will apply when getting your rugs professionally cleaned. As stated before, rugs have been designed to catch and trap a huge variety of dust and allergens that are floating in the air.

A rug will capture these particles and trap them inside their fibers. These fibers do need to be cleaned from time to time as there’s only so much dust they can trap. Regular rug cleaning will help you to avoid these trapped particles to becoming a problem again, especially for people who have certain allergens or are having problems breathing.

Commonly, households tend to vacuum their home several times during the week, which is indeed important. However, vacuuming will only get you that far. Microscopic dust and dirt cannot be removed with your vacuum unfortunately. You can tell by the smell which might become a little dodgy over time.

No need to worry. You can always call STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud to perform a deep cleaning of your rugs at a competitive price. You will be blown away once you find out how affordable or pricing actually is, especially considering the outcome – a fresh and clean rug, dust and soil free.

You only want the best for your family, so why not call the best Carpet & Rug Cleaners in town – STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud MN – here to serve you!

Taking Care of Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning in St Cloud

What actually makes a home? This a question people often ask themselves. In our opinion, a home is created by adding personal touches, making it your own. This is what interior decorating actually stands for. Creating something that makes you feel at home. A nice oriental rug can actually do this for you.

An oriental rug can add that unique one-of-a-kind flavor to your home. There is a wide variety of oriental rugs available on the market. Whichever oriental rug you decide to use for your home, you can count on our team of skilled rug cleaners to know how to preserve their fabrics and colors throughout their lifespan.

Oriental rugs can be quite an investment which is why you want to preserve them the best way that you possibly can. Leave it to STM Carpet Cleaners St Cloud to clean them thoroughly and effectively whilst preserving their color and fibers.

We know what we are doing do to our years and years of experience in the Carpet & Rug Cleaning business. Qualified, skilled and trained professionals is what you will get when calling our team in St Cloud.

Our rug cleaning services include stain removal, odor removal and deep cleaning of just about every Oriental rug on the current market. Area rugs are rugs that are most commonly placed in areas where people spend more time in.

These areas are usually the areas where you come together with family and friend to enjoy your meals and drinks. Living rooms and dining rooms is where you will find most area rugs. Due to the fact that you are making the most use of these specific areas, there is no doubt about it. These areas tend to have the most dirt stains and food spills within your house.

Time is of the essence when it comes to stains and odors, which is why you want to have STM Carpet Cleaning St Cloud under your speed dial! Removing stains and odors effectively is what we have been doing for all of our customers in and around St Cloud. Leave it to our team of dedicated carpet cleaners to have your home looking and smelling fresh all your round.

Oriental rug in North Saint Cloud getting a cleaning service.